VERVET  by Flying Monkey


From your great support and inspired by Flying Monkey’s spirit and belief, we present a new denim brand,
VERVET. VERVET offers the best design, quality and value for phenomenal fitting jeans.



Our Story


Vervet is a species of monkey known to be the cutest in the monkey kingdom.
Being the cutest entails spreading joy and love to everyone around them.
Famous for its ability to spread love and joy,
VERVET Denim, like its name origin hopes to do just that.


We aspire to inspire others through the testament of love and community.
As a company we are inspired by the joy to design and create for you,
the people we love. Designing and creating a brand that can be your companion through
good times and bad times.


We provide high quality denim fitted perfectly for you without the hassle of breaking the bank.
It is the best of both worlds. We hope our denim jeans can spark joy in your life.
We hope every time you wear it you can remember that joyous feeling,
and whether that feeling is infinite or not, at least it was felt.


Join us on our journey to spread love and joy.



With Love,