VERVET by Flying Monkey


Welcome to VERVET by Flying Monkey, where passion meets denim perfection. Our journey is fueled by your incredible support and inspired by the indomitable spirit of Flying Monkey. We proudly introduce VERVET, a denim brand that encapsulates the essence of impeccable design, unmatched quality, and exceptional value, delivering jeans that fit phenomenally.


Our Story: Inspired by the Cutest in the Monkey Kingdom

Derived from the adorable vervet monkey, renowned for spreading joy and love, VERVET is more than just a brand; it's a testament to love and community. Much like its namesake, our denim aspires to bring happiness into your life.

At VERVET, we are driven by the desire to inspire others, dedicating ourselves to the art of design and creation for the ones we cherish. Our brand aims to be your steadfast companion through every chapter of life, from the highs to the lows.


Quality Without Compromise, Price Without the Pinch

Experience the best of both worlds with our high-quality denim, meticulously crafted to fit you perfectly, all without breaking the bank. We believe in making fashion accessible without compromising on style or comfort. Every pair of VERVET jeans is a harmonious blend of affordability and sophistication, designed to spark joy in your life.


A Denim Journey of Love and Joy

Wearing VERVET is more than a fashion statement; it's an embrace of joy. Each pair carries the essence of joyous moments, creating a connection that transcends fashion. Whether your joy is fleeting or everlasting, we hope that every moment spent in VERVET denim is a reminder of the happiness you deserve.


Join Us in Spreading Love and Joy

Embark on a journey with VERVET as we endeavor to spread love and joy. Our commitment goes beyond creating exceptional denim; it extends to building a community that celebrates life's beautiful moments. With love as our guiding force, we invite you to be a part of our story.

With Love,

VERVET by Flying Monkey